Committee Minutes

April 3rd Minutes .doc Word file

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Sign Up Sheet mailing

Here’s the current version of our printed signup sheet. You can download it with Wordpad. Add any comments at the bottom of this page. The online version has the send button disabled. Still looking to get PayPal integrated onto it.

The company that did our postcards, Vistaprint, does not do mailing for brochures and newsletters (envelope stuffing), so I’ve found two other companies on the internet. Both are Better Business Bureau A+ rated.

We’ll be sending an 11×17 sheet, with the flyer on the left half, and the signup sheet on the right half, perforated for separation. They will come quarter-folded, with the flyer facing outside, sealed with a single tab.  That seems to cut the postage significantly.

I’ve requested sample kits from both companies, as I did with Vistaprint and a couple other companies for the postcard.

Prices for 500 brochure/newsletters
$305  brochure printing
$109  mailing service
$135  postage .27 std bulk (5-20 business days delivery)
$549  total
$220  brochure
$239  mailing svc and bulk postage
$459  total

I can’t confirm these prices until I actually order, and they tell me I’ve figured wrong. They seem to come up different every time I run them. will run $488 total, but they don’t have perforating to separate the signup sheet. I’ll keep checking.

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Golf Outing

Post comments here about what we’re doing for the Golf Outing.

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We can do some reunion sign up over the internet, though we’ll need to figure out a way to determine whom we should send sign up sheets to.
For web site registration, we could use PayPal to handle credit card payments. They take ~2.9% of the money, which would be $1.32 on a $35 credit card signup. No charge if the classmate pays from a PayPal account.

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Reunion Booklet

We can save some money if we do not print the Reunion Booklet this year. We can make it a pdf file, downloadable with a password, so classmates can print it themselves. It can still have ads.

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